The Neil Maya Quartet

"Electrifying performance from a band that has everything - crisp melody lines and improvisation to match"

Hi-Res Images and posters (for publicity etc..)

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NMQ MQ (Alice_Carfrae-26) NMQ MQ (Alice_Carfrae-37) NMQ MQ (Alice_Carfrae-73) NMQ MQ (Alice_Carfrae-83) 1_NMQ#1-logo-flipped 1_NMQ#9-logo 4E1A0288 Profile 1_NMQ#2-logo 4E1A0257 4E1A0354 4E1A0301

Originals and Standards

NMQ Brubeck only blank poster (1)

The Brubeck Project

NMQ blank poster 1x A4 PDF PDF IMGP3798 Neil with Alto Brubeck b and w NMQ#3 NMQ#11 NMQ#10 Gary Evans

1959: The Golden Year of Jazz

1959 Poster Design PDF 1959 title PNG Gav Martin bl and W Preston Prince bl and W NMQ#1 NMQ#11 Neil Maya 1959 neil 1959 head only _1200486-2 PDF

The Jazz Funk Emporium

1_IMG_9129 DSCF8326Tom Drewett2 (1) Gary NMQ#1 jazz funk emp blank poster image1 (1) (1) PDF _1260692 1__1260703 1__1260714-Edit _1260680 _1260686 1__1260715-Edit